5 Tips to Combat Jet Lag

There are two tiny words that haunt the dreams of travelers. Six small letters that can damper the mood of even the most enthusiastic trip planners. Those dreaded two words: jet lag. If you’re like me, you want to plan out every detail from the moment you disembark. You’ve got that dream trip coming up- […]

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2 Days in Lima, Peru

My trip to South America was stressful to plan, mostly because there was just too much to do in what seemed like not enough time! My travel buddy for this adventure is a teacher, so we only had one week (her school’s spring break) to make this trip a reality. For this reason, we only […]

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The Top 5 Destinations for Beginner Travelers

Flying over the Atlantic

Welcome travelers! Where are you migrating to next? If you have never traveled before… internationally, solo, or even across state lines, it can be a daunting subject to think about. The world is wide and the possibilities are endless… so where should you go on a first-time trip? These are my top 5 destinations for […]

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