Foods you MUST Try in Lima

Lima is known to be a city with some of the best cuisine in the world. When you travel there, make sure to get a taste of all the city and its many wonderful restaurants have to offer. Here are the top 5 things to try when you are visiting Lima:

1. Lucuma Ice Cream

This ice cream flavor is unique to Lima, and is such a refreshing flavor. It reminds me of cinnamon and honey, and the flavor is subtle enough that I could eat an entire tub and not get sick of it. I tried this ice cream at the Huaca Pucllana Restaurant and it was in the form of an ice cream s’more. The ice cream was sitting on a bed of caramel sauce, and there was a chocolate disk with a roasted marshmallow topping covering the ice cream scoop. Definitely delicious!


2. Ceviche

Ceviche is a delicious combination of seafood, potatoes, and other vegetables which are cooked in a citrus sauce. I tried one with shrimp, various fish, and octopus. It was amazing! The flavors are so unique, and this dish is a must if you come to Peru!


3. Churros de San Francisco

If you find yourself exploring the main plazas of the city center, make a point to find the churros de San Francisco. Named because of its proximity to the Cathedral of San Francisco, this hole-in-the-wall place will serve you a hot and fresh churro for about 50 cents. And inside – a scrumptious caramel filling! It’s a very authentic experience to wait in line with the locals, and watch the churros being made by hand right in front of you!


4. Pisco Sour

The traditional drink of Peru, a pisco sour is something you MUST try when coming to Lima! It is a very smooth drink, and it reminded me of a diluted margarita. There is also a layer of foam that comes on top of the drink which adds a fun extra element.


5. Chicha Morada

I noticed while in Peru that corn is in just about EVERY dish, one way or another. Chicha morada is a popular drink made from purple corn, and it has a very pleasant taste. I would describe it as a less-sweet grape juice, although that may be influenced a bit by the fact that the drink is purple in color. The flavor is mild enough that is would taste good with any dish – so give it a try!


I hope this helps give you a top list of things to try in Lima, Peru! If you’ve been before, what are some other must-try foods or drinks? Comment below!

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