That Time I Went Skydiving

To preface this story, I had always considered the thought of going skydiving, but never had a strong desire to actually do it. People would ask: “would you ever go skydiving?!” and I’d respond with a vague answer around the fact that I didn’t really know and for the time being I had no plans of doing so. It just wasn’t a bucket list item for me at the time.

I will also add that at this point in my life, I had been working full time for about 3 months straight with no vacation or trip to break up to monotony of my days. I was starting to feel restless.

So I was driving home from work on a typical Wednesday, sometime in late September. All of the sudden I got an intense urge to skydive. I had no explanation for it, other than the fact that I had been feeling my days drag on in a similar fashion to one another, and was looking for any sort of break to the routine. Once the idea came into my head, it sounded so incredible. So risky. So full of life.

I decided to let myself sleep on the feeling for a couple of days. After all, this would be a dangerous activity – I wanted to be 100% positive of my commitment. That following Saturday, the urge returned, even stronger than the first time. I ended up googling skydiving locations near me, and found a facility with 5 stars out in Orange, MA called Jumptown Skydiving. After deciding the reviews were solid, I casually checked for the next available jump time. 1 month from now? 2 months? Not quite… It turned out there was actually an opening the very next day. I got a rush through my whole body at the thought. That night I signed up for the first morning slot, signed my life away in a terrifying 20 page waiver, and got about 2 minutes of sleep, contemplating what I was about to do.

In the morning I drove out to Orange, listening to the Skydiving pump up playlist I had made to keep my energy high. I didn’t tell a single soul about my plan except for my brother, who had gone skydiving a few months before. I didn’t want anyone to talk me out of it. I was going to do this. 

my plane – bringing me safely up before I willingly jumped out of it

The entire process was actually very fast. I went into the training room with 2 other jumpers of the morning – a man about my age and his mother, who had always wanted to skydive and was now finally taking the leap. We learned the proper technique, tips for breathing during free fall, and once again heard the dangers and risks involved. Nothing could stop me or change my mind at that point. I was committed and ready to go.

Our instructor from the morning ended up being my tandem jumper, the one I would literally carabiner clip my life to. His name was Joe, and he was almost as pumped up as I was. He kept me excited rather than nervous, but always talked through each step of the process so I knew exactly what was going on. I also had a cameraman, Chang, who captured the entire process on video. On my interview during the ascent in the plane, I was absolutely ecstatic and couldn’t wait for the jump. The same could not be said for the other first-timer in the plane – he was having a much harder time. He told me he had never been so scared in his entire life. I was just glad I wasn’t feeling like him.

And a few minutes later, I jumped out of an airplane. There is really no way to describe it. The jump itself was somewhat of a blur, and the free fall was 60 seconds of pure adrenaline rush. After the free fall was over and Chang made his departure, Joe pulled the ‘chute and we glided down to the ground. During our descent we did a few turns in the air and he pointed out visible landmarks. We could see both the city of Boston and Mount Monadnock in New Hampshire from our position in the sky.

When I landed on the grass I felt a flood of relief, that I had done one of the coolest experiences of my life and also lived through it. On my drive home (listening again to my pump up playlist) I would occasionally stop singing in pure awe and look into the sky and shout “I JUST JUMPED OUT OF AN AIRPLANE!” I couldn’t get over it. “I WAS UP IN THE SKY, AND I JUST JUMPED OUT AND CAME TO THE GROUND!” It was exhilarating. I felt like I was unstoppable.

My motto in life is there is no time like the present. If you have a desire, or something you’ve always longed to do… go do it! I can’t tell you how many people, after hearing my story, told me they’d always wanted to go skydiving but never had. What’s holding you back? I wanted to do it on a Wednesday and I went and did it that Sunday. The world is here and we are a part of it and we can take advantage of all it has to offer. Life is pretty short, make it count! Go do that thing you want to do! You won’t regret it.

Please enjoy my skydiving video, in which I am completely over excited and abnormally pumped up:

This video is all thanks to the amazing crew at Jumptown Skydiving. Thanks for an incredible experience! Check them out here –>

What’s something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t yet done? Comment below!

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