Malaysia – a “No-Budweiser Zone”

Back to Malaysia! The gang and I decided to take a quick trip to Kuala Lumpur, which is a large city, so it was a very different vibe for me than Langkawi. Let’s just say I don’t have the fondest memories of KL…. Let me explain and you’ll understand why.

The first night was actually quite enjoyable. We sat down at a restaurant in a shopping center that had a live band playing. At first I hated it, because I had a splitting headache, but after the band played Zombie by the Cranberries my whole mood turned around! We all got sandwiches and the guys got beer – Brad got a Budweiser which prompted my favorite moment in KL. A man from the next table over came up to him and gave him a fresh Asahi, and sent his Budweiser away! “I never buy guys drinks, but you didn’t come all the way to Malaysia to drink a Budweiser.”

Get this, KL has our favorite brunch place – Wild Honey! We went there every morning for brunch to start the day! After that we went to the Batu Caves, which were interesting but it was pouring so we got soaked again. After the Batu Caves, Brad wanted to go into the Dark Cave. Imagine all of the worst things in the world – bats, spiders, giant centipedes, rabies, snakes, and darkness – and you’ve got yourself this cave. I still don’t understand the appeal. Zach went in with him, brave soul, but Katie and I sat it out. I’ve never once regretted my decision.

Here are the boards outside of the Dark Cave – you tell me if you’d go in.


…I think not.

On our last full day in KL, we went to Wild Honey again for brunch and then saw the Petronas Towers! Those were actually so cool. We got tickets to go all the way up to the top and look out over the city. Plus, we got some shots of each of us in front of the towers. The great thing about traveling with Katie is that we will both literally lay on the ground to make sure we get the right angled shot for the other. Thanks, girl.

But after the Petronas Towers, my trip took a turn for the worst. This is my lasting memory of Kuala Lumpur. First off, I got sick in the mall we were shopping around in that afternoon, and had to go back to the villa. I’ve never gotten sick in public before; it was absolutely humiliating. Thankfully I had Katie there to help me. On the way home, we took this super sketchy looking car that the guys convinced us was okay to go in. If I didn’t feel so ill I would’ve put up much more of a fuss. Later that night they all went out to dinner while I rested in the room and felt a bit better. But that night around 3am, I got food poisoning. It was the worst I’ve ever felt in my life, and it started on Saturday night but it lasted about 6 days. On Sunday, we had to fly back to Singapore, and Brad was such a kind gentleman as to carry my overfilled, extremely heavy travel backpack. I really wouldn’t have made it without him. I think my bag must’ve weighed like 100 pounds. His backpack was on his back, my backpack was on his stomach, and I was just barely following the group as I felt like death. Sounds fun, right? The whole journey back was a blur, and the next few days were quite the nightmare, but luckily by Friday the food poisoning had passed. Unfortunately, Katie got sick from Malaysia as well, an unknown horror we refer to as The Illness, that sadly kept her from coming with us to Hong Kong. But by the time we were all together again, she was feeling better and had had some time to recover. And we all became extra careful about what we eat and drink from that point on. Apparently food poisoning is very common in Kuala Lumpur… who knew?


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